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Horoszcoop Premises on Üllői street

Place, features
The Real Estate located at Üllői Street in the 18th District of Budapest.
Along the road tram No.50 crosses the doorways, the No.19, 136 and 93 Public bus lines run nearby. Parking is available onsite or in the surrounding streets as possible.
The building has entrance from Üllői Street, Tinódi Street as well as Németh József Street
Data of premises
Topographical No.:    Area:        Buildings:
152373            497 m2        417 m2
152374            772 m2        748 m2
152371            492 m2        50 m2
152370            509 m2
152367            500 m2
152366            500 m2
Lot size:     3 270 m2

Main building on topogr. 152374
Total area: 772 m2
Ground floor exhibition room: 95 m2
Office on the 1. floor: 167 m2
Office on the 2. floor: 159 m2
Warehouse: 83 m2
Courtyard: 420 m2
Built-up area on topogr.152370, 152367, 152366
On topogr.152370 :  141 m2 light steel structure warehouse. Behind the warehouse there are a 88 m2 roof covered area and a 69 m2 in front canopy. Usable area is 280 m2.
On topogr. 152366: 141 m2 light steel structure workshop. Behind the warehouse there are 88 m2 roof covered area, and 69 m2 in front canopy. Usable area is 271 m2.
On topogr. 152367 without any building. Usable area is 500 m2
Description of HQ
On topogr. 152374: Total site is  772m2. Entrance from Üllői street. In the main building there are  100m2 showroom and 390m2 offices. Behindit there is a warehouse and workshop in 250m2.
On topogr. 152371: Total site is 492 m2. Entrance from Üllői street. This site is neighboroughing with 152374. There is also a 50m2 showroom building.
On topogr. 152373 is neighboroughing with 152374 and total 497m2. openable to Tinódi street. Built-up 417m2: 112m2 offices and 305m2 warehouse and workshop.
You are interested?
For further questions please turn to:

Horoszcoop Kft
Bárdos Lajos
+36 30 6219473
Email: lajos.bardos@horoszcoop.hu

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